$4 804 000
Dollar value
$3 954 000
Best and final offer
$850 000

This Energy company had 3quotes create an RFP for their On-Prem migration to the Cloud Telephony requirements. 3quotes was hired to provide the client with an all-encompassing RFP experience that would drive cost savings by moving to the cloud. Our team of RFP writers and project managers was deployed alongside our Subject Matter Experts to lead this initiative. In the end, the client made a decision based on the information that 3quotes provided to them based on the output from the RFP responses. In the end, the client had a plan and a partner in place with the support of Cisco.

Other case studies

We saved
$350 000
This Retail Company opted to outsource their end-point refresh to 3quotes by utilizing our RFX Management Services
We saved
$36 900
This Airline had 3quotes review their system management software OEM requirements
We saved
$858 000
This Legal company had 3quotes create and execute an RFP for their net new Microsoft EA requirements