$989 500
Dollar value
$742 125
Best and final offer
$247 375

This Engineering Company engaged with 3quotes to review their aging HPE Infrastructure and Support contract. 3quotes worked with their incumbent reseller and HPE to find additional savings that the customer was unaware of before the engagement. 3quotes was able to negotiate with both parties and distribution to help the customer lower their overall OPEX spend spread over a 3 year period by 25%. 3quotes aligned with all LOB’s to finalize pricing and shipping dates that corresponded with the client's timelines.

Other case studies

We saved
$47 000
This Insurance Company had 3quotes negotiate their video conferencing requirements with three qualified service providers
We saved
$26 000
This Insurance Company had 3quotes analyze their HPE infrastructure (Server, Storage and Networking refresh)
We saved
$140 500
This Aerospace Company had 3quotes obtain a BAFO for their Global end-point refresh