$875 000
Dollar value
$787 500
Best and final offer
$87 500

This automotive retailer opted to use 3quotes' Legacy Contract Optimization Service Offering to renew their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Working on behalf of the customer, 3quotes executed an in-depth RFP which provided the end user with the data they needed in order to make an informed decision on which LSP provided them with the most value-added services. 3quotes then worked with the LSP and Microsoft to provide further cost savings which allowed the customer to procure Windows 10 for their entire company at no cost!

Other case studies

Palo Alto
We saved
$67 000
This Residential Development Company had 3quotes assist in the pre-vendor evaluation phase to replace their aging security hardware
We saved
$250 000
This Manufacturing Company had 3quotes review their annual Cisco SMARTnet renewal
We saved
$500 000
This Credit Union had 3Quotes review their SAP licensing and support renewal