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The Customer: Bruce Power

How Bruce Power is funding its digital transformation journey with help from 3Quotes

Established in 2001, Bruce Poweris Canada’s only private sector nuclear generator, annually producing 30 percent of Ontario’s power at 30 percent less than the average cost to generate residential power.

The Goal

Optimize a complex technology landscape to drive value across the organization

As the world’s largest nuclear generation site, Bruce Power has a broad technology portfolio. This portfolio has grown as the organization scaled its digital transformation efforts and moved services to the cloud.   

However, the organization’s IT environment wasn’t optimized for spend or continued transformation. Bruce Power’s traditional supply chain focused on buying the industrial products and services needed for its operations and couldn’t keep pace with the evolving technology vendor landscape.

The IT team needed a better line of sight into their procurement so they could create more value across the organization.

“We were leaving value on the table with our vendor community and needed specialized knowledge to help us drive transformation and cost optimization at scale.”

Todd Warnell, CIO, Bruce Power

The Solution

Gain IT procurement expertise and insider knowledge with 3Quotes

Todd Warnell, CIO, found 3Quotes when he researched ways to optimize his organization’s IT spend. However, Bruce Power’s internal procurement team was skeptical about outsourcing their IT procurement. They already delivered value and weren’t sure if a third party could provide additional cost savings. But they quickly saw that partnering with 3Quotes offered everything to gain and nothing to lose. Here are three reasons why Bruce Power chose 3Quotes:

  • Specialized knowledge. 3Quotes brings extensive knowledge of technology vendors, pricing, and contract negotiations to the table—giving Bruce Power the procurement capabilities of a much larger organization. And since 3Quotes had helped other industrial sites optimize complex IT portfolios, Todd felt that Bruce Power could achieve similar results.

  • Real-time pricing data. The IT vendor landscape is evolving rapidly. 3Quotes keeps up with what’s happening in the space and collects data on what other organizations pay for technology. The 3Quotes team leverages this data and their relationships with leading vendors to get Bruce Power the right solutions at the best price.

  • Zero financial risk. 3Quotes offers contingency-based pricing and will only charge a fee after improving a contract’s pricing or terms. This no-risk model made it easy for Bruce Power’s IT and procurement teams to trust 3Quotes.

“The 3Quotes team doesn’t nickel and dime to find savings. Instead, they strategically align us with our vendor community so we can optimize our IT portfolio and costs—while driving transformation across our organization.

Todd Warnell, CIO, Bruce Power

3Quotes offered Bruce Power a free proof of concept to optimize a Cisco security enterprise agreement (EA). Bruce Power had originally received a quote of $1.2M from Cisco. In just one week, 3Quotes negotiated for $98K in savings on the EA. The rapid turnaround and significant cost savings convinced Bruce Power’s procurement team that 3Quotes is a great partner to have in their corner.

“With 3Quotes, we can accelerate transformation internally without requesting a larger budget. The self-funding has been a huge enabler of our digital transformation journey.”

Todd Warnell, CIO, Bruce Power

The Results

Hundreds of thousands in cost savings and accelerated digital transformation

After the successful free proof-of-concept, Todd slowly expanded his partnership with 3Quotes to cover Bruce Power’s entire technology portfolio. 

3Quotes now reviews every IT offer and lets Todd know if he already has a great deal or if a contract has room for improvement. With 3Quotes as part of its team, Bruce Power has achieved the following results:

Hundreds of thousands in cost savings.

3Quotes helped Bruce Power improve 98% of its contracts—saving an average of 14.5% on software, hardware, professional services, and managed services.

Embedded trust between IT and Procurement.

Bruce Power’s IT and procurement teams rely on 3Quotes’ expertise and transparency– whether it’s for a long-term strategic negotiation or an emergent need.

Rapid ROI.

3Quotes’ industry knowledge and relationships with leading vendors allow them to deliver results quickly. With 3Quotes, Bruce Power achieves its goals faster than it would with a traditional procurement cycle.

Organization-wide value.
The IT team is the steward for all things digital, data, and technology at Bruce Power. Their joint negotiations and partnership with 3Quotes have helped all business areas, including the supply chain, legal, engineering, operations, HR, and finance.
Accelerated transformation.

Technology costs are increasing, and 3Quotes is helping Bruce Power unlock additional value within its existing partner ecosystem. This has helped the IT team self-fund many digital transformation initiatives.

“3Quotes is not a commodity provider. Their team works in partnership with us, and we trust them to find us reliable technology that supports our operations.”

Todd Warnell, CIO, Bruce Power

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