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Buying new technology or renegotiating a legacy contract? Our IT contract negotiation experts can handle everything for you—saving you time and helping you get the right solution at the best price.

3Quotes can save you time and money by reviewing your contracts and negotiating better pricing or terms

With rising costs and inflation, IT cost reduction is even more important than it used to be. At 3Quotes, we believe some of the biggest savings can be found through IT contract negotiation. Since 2009, we’ve helped global organizations across all industries save an average of 20% on their IT solutions. And we can help you, too!

Access real-time market data

We’ve executed more than 32,000 contracts and know what goes into effective cost management. We keep a database of what organizations are paying for hardware, software, and IT services. During your negotiations, we’ll leverage this database to ensure you’re not overspending.

Insider knowledge, expert negotiation

All our contract negotiators used to work for IT solution providers or original equipment manufacturers. They know what “gotchas” to look for in a contract and how to negotiate for the best price on the right technology, all while maintaining positive relationships with your vendors.

IT Cost Reduction

Our industry knowledge and expert negotiation skills save our clients an average of:

  • 44% on Telco contracts
  • 25% on Security contracts
  • 21% on Enterprise Agreements
  • 20% on Software-as-a-Service contracts
  • 19% on ERP contracts
  • 16% on Infrastructure-as-a-Service contracts

The best part? You don’t pay us a dime unless we save you money or get you better terms.

With 3Quotes, there’s no risk—just cost and time savings.

View our other IT procurement services

We can do more than just save you money. You can rely on our experienced team for deep insight, too. 3Quotes is here for all your IT sourcing needs– from important processes like long term planning, to research intensive tasks like vendor selection, and more.

IT Contract

Join the hundreds of global organizations saving 20% (or more) on IT solutions.

RFX Management for IT Solutions

Let us handle your complex RFXs so you can focus on what matters.

IT Vendor Selection and Consolidation

We’ll help you find the right vendors or consolidate services to optimize your IT spend.

Software Audit Defence

Protect yourself against time-consuming and costly software audits.

IT Budget Planning

Ensure you have the funds needed to achieve your business and IT goals.

IT Price Benchmarking

Stop overspending and see exactly what your peers pay for IT solutions.

Client case studies

IT contract negotiation is one of our favorite ways to deliver quick, high impact results for our clients, but there’s hardly a situation where we can’t add value. Whether your problem is simple, or complex, we’ll find an effective solution to meet your needs.


This Online Insurance Company engaged 3Quotes to review their Legacy Infrastructure contracts.

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This Online Insurance Company engaged 3Quotes to review their Legacy Infrastructure contracts.

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Discover how you can save 20% (or more) on your IT solutions

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