Anti-Spam Policy

3Quotes Anti-Spam Policy

Spam is not merely annoying: it is also a serious drain on the resources of ISPs, other organizations, and Internet users. Sending Spam mail may seem like a cheap and convenient way to amplify marketing efforts, but honest businesses rarely employ this questionable marketing tool. Firstly, nobody wishes to receive unsolicited junk mail. Secondly, it is considered both an annoyance and an intrusion of privacy. Thirdly, each sent e-mail message contributes to Internet traffic and uses up bandwidth. An e-mail message does not reach its recipient instantaneously; instead, it is relayed by any number of systems enroute until it reaches its final destination.

Our Commitment

3Quotes is committed to preventing unsolicited email (a.k.a. “Spam”).

Unsubscribe Link, Always

Every bulk email message that is sent by 3Quotes or that 3Quotes has sent by an outside party includes an email link to unsubscribe from the list that originated the message. If an email message in question does NOT have an unsubscribe link, it did not originate from 3Quotes.

Explicitly Opted-In

The sending of unsolicited email (SPAM) is strictly prohibited and against policy of 3Quotes. It is the strict policy of Edsembli  to only send email communications to those who have either expressly requested such communication or who have indicated to a valid third party that they would like to receive future communications. 

If You Have Any Questions

If you have comments, concerns or questions regarding this spam policy, please contact us at: info@3quotes.com