Why 3Quotes?

Offload the burden of IT procurement and cut your costs by 20% (or more)

Harness our industry expertise, contract negotiation skills, and database of 32,000 IT transactions to get the right solution at the best price.

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Time is money (and we can save you both)

You may have hundreds—or even thousands—of IT contracts that come up for renewal each year. If your team is busy, you may not have time to review the fine print to determine if you’re overpaying.

And looking for a new solution is even more time-consuming. You may need to search for vendors, listen to sales pitches, create an RFX, and then analyze your options. With all these tasks, your procurement team can easily spend 160 hours buying just one IT solution!

Luckily, there’s a better way. Partnering with 3Quotes lets you offload the burden of IT procurement. We can save you time, cut your costs, and ensure you have the IT budget needed to drive your organization’s growth. 

We’ve helped small, mid-market, and enterprise organizations optimize their IT spend

(And we can help you, too!)

Time & Cost Management

You can spend 160 hours purchasing just 1 new technology item for your business

IT procurement can eat into your day when you’re busy with other projects and don’t have time to research vendors, manage RFPs, and negotiate for the best terms. Partnering with 3Quotes lets you offload the burden of IT procurement. We can save you time, help cut your costs, and work with your IT budget to drive your organization’s growth.

Save up to 44% on IT products and services (at no risk to your business)

Since 2009, 3Quotes has helped organizations of all sizes save an average of 20% on their IT solutions. Our industry knowledge, due diligence, and expert negotiation skills can save you: 

You’ve got a lot on your plate. 3Quotes can save you endless hours by handling your time-consuming IT procurement tasks—from selecting vendors to managing RFPs to negotiating for the best deal.  

Since IT procurement is all we do, we have the expertise to optimize your technology spend. Our contract negotiators used to work in IT sales and know how to spot “traps” in contracts. They’ll use their industry knowledge to get you the best pricing and terms.

You should never overpay for IT. When you partner with 3Quotes, you’ll gain access to our database of 32,000+ recent transactions to learn exactly what organizations are spending on hardware, software, and IT services. Knowing the truth about what others are paying will give you an edge during contract negotiations and help you get the right solution at the best price. 

Partnering with 3Quotes doesn’t mean firing your current vendors. We can work with your existing providers to get you better pricing and terms—while keeping your relationships going strong. If you need a new solution, we’ll recommend options from our trusted, global network of Tier 1 and 2 original equipment manufacturers. We can also work with any niche OEM that serves the IT space. 

Most procurement services ask you to pay them upfront. Then, they may or may not find you savings. But you don’t pay for our Contract Negotiation Services unless we get you better pricing or terms. With 3Quotes, there is no risk—just time and cost savings. 

Discover how 3Quotes can optimize your technology spend and save you 20%* (or more) on IT products and services

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*The 20% cost savings were calculated from 32,000+ IT transactions we’ve conducted for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

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