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Strategic IT procurement services that save you time, money, and frustration

At 3Quotes, we can optimize your IT spending and find you the right technology at the best price—at zero risk to you. Your business deserves to operate with the highest quality technology without making sacrifices. We’ll make sure you get the tools you need to outpace competitors and take your brand to the next level.

Since 2009, we’ve helped global organizations streamline their IT procurement and achieve significant cost savings

(And we can do the same for you!)

When you work with 3Quotes for your procurement services, you have access to a team of industry experts. We can request proposals, get price quotes, manage supplier relationships, negotiate contracts, and more. You’re busy dealing with the details of running a business. Let us handle the logistics and cost management of IT procurement.

You’ll also have access to our database of over 32,000 IT transactions. You shouldn’t have to pay more than your competitors for the best technology. With our directory, you can see exactly what they pay and what you can expect from the market. We’ll compare your situation to similar past transactions to get the ideal price for the technology your business needs.

We can help you save an average of 20% on your IT spending at no additional cost to you. Why wait?

On average, 3Quotes clients save...

1 %
Contract Negotiation Success Rate
IT Transactions Reviewed Last Year
1 +
OEM & Solution Provider Partners
1 B
In IT Contracts Reviewed Last Year

Keep up with the times

Business technology is constantly evolving. To keep up with the latest market trends, you’ll need an adaptable budget and a team that can handle IT cost management. 3Quotes has years of experience in the industry. We help our clients win the best deals by negotiating contracts, reviewing market transactions, partnering with top technology providers, and more.

With rising business costs and economic inflation worldwide, IT savings are becoming even more central to competitive business growth. At 3Quotes, we negotiate contracts with our partners to help our clients save an average of 20% on IT solutions. Using real-time market data, we stay up-to-date with what organizations are paying on average for similar IT solutions. This insider knowledge gives us leverage when working with our providers to agree on fair contract prices.

Check out our case studies and client reviews to see what our clients have to say about us, or schedule a free demo to learn how 3Quotes can help you start saving money today!

Our IT procurement services

It’s our job to make sure you never have to overspend on the equipment your business needs. Our team of contract negotiators has background experience working for IT solution providers. They know what to look for in proposals and price quotes. They also know how to maintain positive relationships with vendors, even when consolidating client contracts.

IT Contract

Join the hundreds of global organizations saving 20% (or more) on IT solutions.

RFX Management for IT Solutions

Let us handle your complex RFXs so you can focus on what matters.

IT Vendor Selection and Consolidation

We’ll help you find the right vendors or consolidate services to optimize your IT spend.

Software Audit Defence

Protect yourself against time-consuming and costly software audits.

IT Budget Planning

Ensure you have the funds needed to achieve your business and IT goals.

IT Price Benchmarking

Stop overspending and see exactly what your peers pay for IT solutions.

Discover how 3Quotes can optimize your technology spend and save you 20%* (or more) on IT products and services

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*The 20% cost savings were calculated from 32,000+ IT transactions we’ve conducted for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. 

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