Ensure you have the funds needed to achieve your business and IT goals

IT budget planning is a time-consuming and painful process. If your IT team is buried in tasks, they won’t have extra hours to research a project’s costs, collaborate with stakeholders, and justify their budget so critical items don’t get cut. We can help!

3Quotes can help you plan for any IT project and give you concrete numbers, so you know exactly how much it will cost

We’ll provide “clean” quotes that help you get your budget approved so you’ll have the resources you need to support your IT roadmap. You can also leverage our extensive partner network and benchmarking data to get the best quotes on hardware, software, and IT services.

Forecast with accuracy-100% FREE

We offer IT Budget Planning FREE with our Contract Negotiation Services. You can also get IT Budget Planning as a stand-alone service if you just need to know how much a project or new technology will cost.

Save time and stay on budget

Let 3Quotes handle the heavy lifting so your IT team can reclaim their time for projects that drive business growth and transformation.

Our industry knowledge and expert negotiation skills save our clients an average of:

  • 44% on Telco contracts
  • 25% on Security contracts
  • 21% on Enterprise Agreements
  • 20% on Software-as-a-Service contracts
  • 19% on ERP contracts
  • 16% on Infrastructure-as-a-Service contracts

The best part? You don’t pay us a dime unless we save you money or get you better terms.

With 3Quotes, there’s no risk—just cost and time savings.

Client case studies


This Medical Company leveraged 3Quotes’ Price Intelligence service for an infrastructure refresh initiative.

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This Financial Institution had 3Quotes review their Open Text annual spend for additional cost savings.

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This Financial Institution had 3Quotes review their Open Text annual spend for additional cost savings.

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*The 20% cost savings were calculated from 32,000+ IT transactions we’ve conducted for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

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