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3Quotes will give you access to real-time IT price benchmarking data and our network of trusted providers to help you find the right solutions with the best terms.

Since 2009, we’ve helped global procurement teams optimize their IT spending and achieve significant savings through cost management

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Avoid hidden costs in IT contracts

As a procurement leader, you’re under constant pressure to cut costs and optimize every contract. This can be hard to do with a cost center like IT. If you’re struggling with IT procurement, 3Quotes can help.

IT contracts are notorious for hidden fees and “gotchas.” You can spend days—or even weeks—negotiating with a technology vendor and still not know if you’re getting the best deal. Hidden channel markups can add 11%-23% to each contract. One of the cost management strategies we use in our procurement services is identifying and eliminating these hidden fees.

It can be hard to analyze hundreds—or even thousands—of IT contracts each year when you’re busy maintaining a vendor network, working with lines of business, and taking care of day-to-day business. There’s no shame in delegating this time-intensive research to experts.

Cut your IT costs (without changing your procurement processes)

Other third-party procurement services may interfere with your internal team and policies (getting in the way instead of getting things done).

Not 3Quotes. Our strategic IT procurement services will minimize your risks while saving you money on hardware, software, and managed services. The best part is that you don’t need to change your existing processes.

We’ll partner with your procurement team to augment your expertise, give you access to our proprietary IT pricing data, and take time-consuming tasks off your plate—all at ZERO risk to you or your business. Our team is dedicated to providing you with top procurement management services without any downsides.

Base your procurement decisions on real-time pricing data

Our database of 32,000+ recent IT transactions will show you exactly what other companies pay for software, hardware, and IT services. You can leverage this data during contract negotiations to get the best pricing and terms. The most effective cost management strategies are based on real market data like ours.

Optimize your contracts and reduce your technology costs

Gain access to a team of expert negotiators who used to work in IT sales. They know how to minimize markups and negotiate for the best pricing and terms—ultimately saving our clients an average of 20.4% on IT solutions through cost management. We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice anything the get the right price.

Save countless hours evaluating and negotiating with technology vendors

A procurement team can spend 160 hours conducting due diligence around just one IT purchase. 3Quotes’ dedicated IT procurement team can take this off your plate—putting hours back into your day. We’ll make sure you get back to work, while we do the heavy lifting and put effective cost management strategies into place.

Where you can save money with 3Quotes

We can find you savings across every area of your IT spending—from SaaS contracts to hardware to managed services. Regardless of where you need to cut costs, it’s virtually guaranteed that our procurement services will save your organization time, money, and headaches. Here are just a few of our trusted partners:

Frequently asked questions

Our Procurement clients tell us that it’s valuable to have another set of eyes for complex contract negotiations, RFP management, and IT budget planning. We’ll use our extensive partner network and database of 32,000 recent IT transactions to help you get the right solutions at the best price. We can also liaise with your lines of business—including Finance, IT, and Procurement—to align everyone around shared corporate goals. 

Maintaining A+ relationships with your strategic vendors is extremely important, and we don’t want to get in your way. Since we’re not a reseller or in competition with your vendors, we can work with your existing partners to optimize your IT spend while keeping your relationships intact.

Looking for a new vendor? 3Quotes has built C-level relationships with Tier 1 and 2 OEMs and industry-leading solution providers. We can leverage our relationships to bring you additional cost savings and better commercial terms during contract negotiations.

Our team of IT procurement professionals will do everything possible to guarantee your results. 3Quotes’ clients save an average of 20.46% on IT products and services through our:

  • Insider knowledge, including a database of 32,000+ recent IT transactions that provides a real-time view of what organizations pay for technology
  • Expert advice from IT procurement professionals who have real-world experience selling tech products and services and can let you know if you’re getting a fair deal
  • Exceptional negotiation to get you the right solutions at the right price

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our case studies to see what our clients have to say. 

We can provide you with savings across every area of your IT spending. Here is a list of areas where we help clients save an average of 20.46%:

  • ITAM licensing for all Tier 1 and 2 software, hardware, and services
  • Enterprise software (including ERP, CRM, HRMS, and SaaS solutions)
  • Cloud (including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud)
  • Telco (including networking, telephony, co-location, disaster recovery, LAN/WAN, wireless, and upgrading telephony from on-prem to the cloud)
  • Managed security services
  • Managed print services
  • Infrastructure upgrades (including servers, storage, networking, endpoints, devices, and maintenance renewals)
  • Help desk and deskside support
  • ITSM

No. We are not an IT product or services reseller. We will work with your existing network of partners to ensure that you receive the right solution at the best price. If you are looking for a new provider, we can connect you with one of our vetted partners.

We can partner with you exactly when you need us—whether you’re about to sign a contract or want to plan for the future. Our team of procurement professionals has the resources and experience to execute promptly.

Not under the gun? You’ll get the best results when we have more time to understand your needs and help you achieve your procurement goals.

No, we do not. We stick with what we know best—contracts for IT products and services. Since we live and breathe IT procurement, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve significant savings. Our clients save an average of:

  • 44% on Telco contracts
  • 21% on Microsoft contracts
  • 20% on SaaS contracts
  • 19% on ERP contracts
  • 16% on Infrastructure-as-a-Service contracts

No. We recommend getting to know each other before exploring the idea of a multi-year engagement model. 

No. You don’t need to meet a minimum spend requirement. We can help you optimize any size contract—from a $5K SaaS purchase to a very large IT spend.

Once your team has determined the best price from your vendor, simply send us your contract. We will calculate your cost savings based on the total contract value before and after we get involved in your negotiation. The process is black and white with no blurred lines or “gotchas.”

Most procurement experts require a fee upfront. Then, they may—or may not—deliver cost savings. When you partner with 3Quotes, you don’t need to take on this risk and only pay us for contract negotiation services after we find you savings.

We have two compensation models:

  1. A contingency or success-based fee structure (the Starter Plan). Simply send us a baseline quote, and we’ll try to improve your pricing or commercial terms. If we deliver savings, you’ll pay us a share based on your successful outcomes. You owe us nothing if we can’t improve your pricing or terms.
  2. A retainer model (the Growth Plan). Save money on your IT solutions while capping our fees and making predictable OPEX payments. We will work with you to develop a payment plan that improves your forecasting and optimizes your IT spend.

Learn more about our pricing here.

Success stories

First Capital REIT

3Quotes found First Capital REIT a Microsoft partner (and $750K in savings).


LifeWorks reduced its licensing spend by $1 Million with help from 3Quotes.

Bruce Power

3Quotes services self-fund Bruce Powers’ digital transformation journey.

First Capital REIT

3Quotes found First Capital REIT a Microsoft partner (and $750K in savings).


LifeWorks reduced its licensing spend by $1 Million with help from 3Quotes.

Bruce Power

3Quotes services self-fund Bruce Powers’ digital transformation journey.

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