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Join the community of IT solution providers who’ve partnered with 3Quotes to connect with Fortune 500 clients and boost their win rates by 90% or more.

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3Quotes provides strategic IT procurement services to Fortune 500 and other global companies. IT procurement is time-consuming and challenging. Many technology leaders don’t have extra hours to spend researching and vetting solution providers. They rely on us to save them time, money, and resources by connecting them with the right vendors.

Last year, 3Quotes worked with 1,200 global brands that spent $9.15 billion on IT products and services

We can get your solutions in front of clients such as …

3Quotes can get you a seat at the table

You can spend months—or even years—trying to connect with CEOs and CIOs. If you don’t have a prior relationship in place, it’s extremely difficult to get a response.

3Quotes is the trusted IT procurement team for more than 500 leading brands. If your solutions are a fit, we will refer you to our clients—shortening your sales cycles and helping you win 98.8% more business (yes, that number’s legit). 

Increase market share

We’ll give you exclusive access to vetted opportunities so you can win more business and displace your competition.

Close deals 200X faster

IT solution providers who partner with us have decreased their sales cycles from 6 months to 2 months.

Increase your visibility into key accounts

We have access to our clients’ technology roadmaps and can use this insider knowledge to give you an edge—whether you want to land a new client or expand your footprint within an existing account.

Remove barriers to key decision makers

Fortune 500 companies trust our recommendations for IT solution providers. If you join the 3Quotes community, we can refer you to key accounts and introduce you to decision makers.

Areas of success


3Quotes, HQ in Toronto, ON, launched as a SaaS platform where technology buyers uploaded contracts for negotiation. Our 3-person team reviewed $5M in contracts during our first year.


The 3Quotes team grew to 20 people who reviewed 1,800 transactions and $40M in IT spend. Our average close rate was 70%.


Matthew Eyman joined 3Quotes as Managing Director, and the team grew to 80 people across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. We reviewed 4,100 transactions and $4.5M in IT spend, with a 75% close rate. 


3Quotes opened offices in New York and London while expanding our team to 120 people. We launched our Advisory Services Team, RFP Management Services, and OEM and Solution Provider Partnership Programs. We reviewed 11,000 transactions totaling $9.9M in IT spend with an 84% close rate.


3Quotes was featured in the National Post and Financial Post. We reviewed 15,000 transactions totaling $1.85B in IT spend with an 89% close rate.


3Quotes partnered with 1,000+ leading OEMs and Solution Providers and expanded our internal team to 150 people. We reviewed 22,500 transactions totaling $4.1B in IT spend with a 91% close rate.


3Quotes reviewed 32,000 transactions totaling $9.1B in IT spend for more than 500 global contracts. Our close rate increased to 94%.


3Quotes launched Version 3.0. We expanded into the South American and European markets with new offices in Mexico and Italy. Our team grew to 200 people.

Success stories: How 3Quotes helps Solution Providers
win new business


3Quotes showed a client the benefits of moving to a subscription-based model.

Check Point/Softchoice

3Quotes helped Check Point secure a 5-year agreement (in less than 72 hours).


3Quotes brokered a Microsoft deal between Magellan Aerospace and SoftwareONE.


3Quotes showed a client the benefits of moving to a subscription-based model.

Check Point/Softchoice

3Quotes helped Check Point secure a 5-year agreement (in less than 72 hours).


3Quotes brokered a Microsoft deal between Magellan Aerospace and SoftwareONE.

Frequently asked questions

3Quotes works with Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations to simplify their IT procurement processes and find the right solutions. Since our clients are always looking for solution providers, we can connect you with decision makers who need your services now. With 3Quotes, you can shorten your sales cycles, increase your close rates, and retire your quota.
Not all companies abide by 3Quotes’ strict code of conduct and ethics. Our goal is to work with you—not against you—to ensure that both parties win during contract negotiations. We can provide you value by serving as the “glue” that aligns your business goals with our clients’ requirements.
Good question. We can help you shorten your sales cycles, retire quota, and increase your visibility into new opportunities—all while keeping your competitors out. Sounds like a win-win, no?

As a solution provider, you may have opportunities in the following areas:

  • ITAM licensing for all Tier 1 and 2 software, hardware, and services
  • Enterprise software (including ERP, CRM, HRMS, and SaaS solutions)
  • Cloud (including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud)
  • Telco (including networking, telephony, co-location, disaster recovery, LAN/WAN, wireless, and upgrading telephony from on-prem to the cloud)
  • Managed security services
  • Digital Transformation
  • Managed print services
  • Infrastructure upgrades (including servers, storage, networking, endpoints, devices, and maintenance renewals)
  • Help desk and deskside support
  • ITSM
No, we are not a reseller. We do not paper any contracts. We will work directly with you and our clients.

Once you have successfully established your footprint within an account, 3Quotes will work with you to “land and expand” your revenue stream based on your core competencies. We do not operate on a “one and done” philosophy with our partners. We are in it together for the long run.

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