Introduction Video to 3Quotes Inc.

Time is money (and we can save you both) You may have hundreds—or even thousands—of IT contracts that come up for renewal each year. If your team is busy, you may not have time to review the fine print to determine if you’re overpaying. And looking for a new solution is even more time-consuming. You […]

RFX Management for IT Solutions

Let us handle your complex RFXs so you can focus on what matters Managing an RFX is incredibly complex and time-consuming. We can create your RFX, get it to the right vendors, and help you make the best decision.

IT Price Benchmarking Services

Stop overspending and get a real-time view of what your peers pay for hardware, software, and IT services IT teams often go into contract negotiations at a disadvantage. Your vendor may tell you that you’re getting the best price. But how do you know for sure? That’s where 3Quotes can help.

IT Contract Negotiation Services

Join the 400+ global organizations saving 20% (or more) on IT solutions Buying new technology or renegotiating a legacy contract? Our IT contract negotiation experts can handle everything for you—saving you time and helping you get the right solution at the best price.