3 Reasons To Choose 3Quotes for Your Procurement Services

As technology advances, businesses must continue finding the latest IT tools, platforms, and technologies. Embracing the latest technologies gives your company a competitive edge, regardless of your industry.

Yet, IT procurement can rapidly increase your operating expenses before you even pick a new vendor. Your internal teams need to evaluate new providers, run due diligence, and negotiate contracts — and each step consumes time and resources.

Organizations across all industries are now discovering the power of working with procurement partners. Working with a procurement partner allows you to focus on your core competencies while your partner does the heavy lifting to find your next IT provider.

3Quotes has helped hundreds of companies cut costs, find affordable Tier-1 providers, and negotiate better rates since 2009. And we’re ready to help your company make the most of its IT budget with our best-in-class procurement services.

Keep reading to learn why you need procurement services and discover why 3Quotes is an excellent choice for your next IT procurement partner.

Why Do You Need Procurement Services?

Procurement services take the burden of IT procurement off your plate and free up your skilled employees to focus on what they do best.

We’ll work with you to build a procurement management plan and find the right IT providers to meet your unique needs and requirements. You’ll then have thoroughly vetted, reputable, and cost-effective IT providers.

Do you like your current vendors? A procurement specialist can work with you to negotiate better rates during renewal, leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge to help you get more for your money.

Top Reasons to Choose 3Quotes for IT Procurement

Ready to get started with procurement services? It’s essential to pick the right IT procurement firm with experience and expertise to maximize your IT budget fully.

Here at 3Quotes, we’ve helped hundreds of companies find new IT vendors, and we’re ready to get to work for you. Let’s explore some important reasons to make 3Quotes your new procurement partner.

Benefit from Procurement Expertise
Your employees may be the best in their field, but having IT training doesn’t usually mean they’re also experts in IT procurement.

Our procurement teams have IT expertise that includes an in-depth understanding of everything IT procurement involves. We are skilled in comparing the capabilities of similar platforms, properly vetting vendors, and negotiating contracts.

Additionally, 3Quotes has a comprehensive database of IT vendors to help us hone in on the best option for your company. So we aren’t simply comparing sales pages; we have a wealth of data to guide our process. We know what makes a great rate for all types of IT solutions, and we’ll only bring the best proposals in the industry.

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The result? We’ll find you the right vendor that meets your exact requirements and then make sure you get an exceptional rate.

Immediately Cut Operating Costs
Hiring a procurement partner immediately reduces your operating costs by eliminating the need for an internal IT procurement team. Instead, you’ll pay your new partner an agreed-upon rate for their services, sidestepping salaries, benefits, and employment taxes.

And that’s only the beginning. Our procurement experts will work with you to
create a cost management plan that guides our efforts. We’ll only consider vendors that work within your expectations — we’ll never bring you a proposal that exceeds your budget.

Additionally, our procurement specialists will renegotiate contracts with your existing vendors to secure better rates during renewal. So keep the vendors you like, but pay less for their platforms.

Rapidly Adapt to Changes
Agility and adaptability are essential throughout your business, and IT is no exception. The technological landscape that affects your industry will undoubtedly continue to change. How quickly you adopt new tools and platforms will be essential to your organization’s success.

Working with a procurement partner allows you to adapt to change rapidly and effectively. We’re constantly up to date on new technologies, platforms, and tools. So we’ll already know which vendors to consider when you tell us you need a new IT solution.

Don’t wait for your current tech to become obsolete — stay ahead of the curve with an IT procurement partner like 3Quotes that will help you constantly adapt.

Make 3Quotes Your New IT Procurement Partner

Working with a procurement partner can provide valuable benefits to your company. However, you need to pick the right partner; otherwise, you may end up spending more money and ending up with IT solutions that don’t meet your needs.

3Quotes is an industry-recognized expert in IT procurement. We’re ready to help you stay up to date with current tech, cut operating costs, and secure the best possible rates for your business’s tools.

Want to learn more about 3Quotes and how we can help your business? Read our FAQ today to learn more about our services and the value we bring to your organization.