We saved
$82 000
This Automotive Buying Group enlisted 3quotes to re-negotiate their voice, data and internet contracts
We saved
$782 000
This Manufacturing Company engaged with 3quotes to review their data contracts with their current telecommunications provider
We saved
$350 000
This financial services company leveraged our Oracle partner network to obtain the services they required at the right price.
Crowd Strike
We saved
$31 500
This Aerospace Company had 3Quotes review their endpoint security protection
We saved
$15 500
This Education client engaged 3quotes to review their classroom workstation infrastructure
We saved
$239 500
This Construction Company leveraged our Price Intelligence Services that saved them 16.5%
We saved
$76 000
This Medical Company leveraged 3quotes' Price Intelligence service for an infrastructure refresh initiative
We saved
$87 500
This insurance company based out of Bermuda had 3quotes negotiate their Microsoft MPSA & EAP agreements
We saved
$39 000
This Computer Engineering Company had 3quotes review their Cisco SmartNet contracts for their North American locations